Sentino Pecorino, Tierre de Chieti, Italy

One of the better known indigenous Italian varietals, think Pinot Grigio but with a little more bite and freshness. Green apples and grapefruit are the trademark flavours and it certainly delivers

£17.50 bottle / £11.50 500ml carafe
£3.45 125ml / £4.95 175ml / £6.25 250ml

Oltre Passo Falanghina, Italy

A beautiful and exciting grape variety with similar features of a Pinot Grigio, but with its own unique aromas and flavours of apple & quince, and a hint of nutty complexity

£18.50 bottle / £12.50 500ml carafe
£3.75 125ml / £5.25 175ml / £6.75 250ml

King rabbit Chardonnay, France

Full of the warmth of the South of France, this buttery soft wine shows layers of stone fruit & vanilla

£19.50 bottle / £13.00 500ml carafe
£4.00 125ml / £5.20 175ml / £6.95 250ml

Krizno Sauvignon Blanc, Slovenia

This fresh & elegant wine leads with delicate aromas and flavours of green apple & white flowers followed by an impressive fruity finish

£21.50 bottle / £14.00 500ml carafe
£4.35 125ml / £5.45 175ml / £7.45 250ml

El Cante Albarino, Rias Baixas, Spain

A light, fresh & youthful wine with a zesty and well-defined citrus backbone, overlayed with subtle hints of stone fruits & nectar

£22.00 bottle / £14.80 500ml carafe
£4.50 125ml / £5.60 175ml / £7.70 250ml

Kokako Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand

Bursting with aromas of pear, honey, apple and spice, hints of sweetness with pure fruit flavours

£23.00 bottle / £15.00 500ml carafe
£4.75 125ml / £5.85 175ml / £7.85 250ml


Sentino Primitivo, Puglia, Italy

A decent middleweight that packs a punch. Small, dark berry fruit with hints of soft spice and a faint dollop of jam to lift on the finish

£17.50 bottle / £11.50 500ml carafe
£3.45 125ml / £4.95 175ml / £6.25 250ml

Torre Cerere Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Italy

This is soft, fruity approachable wine produced from Montepulciano grapes, not dissimilar from Merlot characteristically. Notes of warm plum & blackberry

£17.50 bottle / £11.50 500ml carafe
£3.45 125ml glass / £4.95 175ml glass / £6.25 250ml glass

Last Stand Shiraz, Langhorne, Australia

Delicious summer fruits that have the merest hint of sweetness but cleverly balanced tannins and acidity produce a Shiraz with elegance and sophistication

£19.00 bottle / £12.75 500ml carafe
£3.85 125ml / £5.00 175ml / £6.95 250ml

Kaleu Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina

Such a popular variety, and for good reason – black cherry fruit with well-tempered spice and tannins. Simply a decent glass of red that you want more of

£20.50 bottle / £13.75 500ml carafe
£4.25 125ml / £5.35 175ml / £7.35 250ml

Fitou, Languedoc, France

Immediately impressive this wine reveals its class from the start. Medium bodied, rich & intense

£20.50 bottle / £13.75 500ml carafe
£4.25 125ml / £5.35 175ml / £7.35 250ml

Marques de Laia Reserva, Rioja, Spain

Ruby red with russet hues, this wine has developed aromas such as truffle & vanilla, with a hint of cinnamon & clove

£22.50 bottle / £14.95 500ml carafe
£4.75 125ml / £5.85 175ml / £7.95 250ml


Hilmar Springs Zinfandel blush

Such a popular style……sweet strawberries and cream in a glass – literally

£17.50 bottle / £11.50 500ml carafe
£3.45 125ml / £4.95 175ml / £6.25 250ml

Pasquieres Cinsault Rosé

Traditional Languedoc varietals are sourced for the Pasquiers range. For the rose this means ripe, sweetly fruited Grenache and tangy Cinsault. This is a classic rosé depresse. This luscious and textural blend is very much a food wine, rich currant flavours provided by Grenache and tangy raspberry and spice from Cinsault before a dry and fresh finish

£20.00 bottle / £13.50 500ml carafe
£4.15 125ml / £5.25 175ml / £7.25 250ml


Cordoniu Seleccion Raventos Cava, Spain

A lovely sparkling white wine, with lots of fine bubbles, citrus & peach aromas, crisp & dry! Perfect with our small plates!

21.00 bottle

Di Maria Proscecco, Italy

Dry sparkling white wine with lovely bubbles – fabulous quaffer!

£22.00 bottle / £7 mini 200ml bottle

Fabio Ceschin Rose Vino Frizzante, Italy

From the little known ‘Raboso’ grape, this charming sparkling rose is full of soft raspberry fruit flavours, light and initially sweet finishing dry on the palate

£23.50 bottle

Ayala Champagne, France

Excellent house champagne, well balanced with finesse, a real treat

£45.00 bottle