Booking Terms & Conditions

Credit or debit card details are required for all bookings. We cannot secure your reservation without these details. Please note your card will not be charged for making a booking. 

Charges of £10.00 per person will apply for ‘no shows’, late cancellations or if the number of guests for your booking reduces without prior notice. 

To avoid your card being charged, should you need to change the number of guests for your booking, you must inform us within 1 hour of the restaurant opening for the respective service of your reservation (i.e Lunch or Evening Service). 

For cancellations, we require 48 hours notice.

We also kindly ask guests to let us know if they are running late. 

Please make sure all guests are fully aware of our booking policy to ensure that the booker and/or person providing the card details is not penalised for actions they are not personally responsible for (e.g. late cancellations).